My collection has been built over the years with many different types of cameras, utilizing both film & digital technology. It first started after being given a hand me down Halina manual rangefinder film camera from my Father, (I am forever indebted to him for capturing my early years in photographs and also igniting that creative spark)

I aspire to create photographic art from asphalt environments that delve you into the metropolitan backdrop of American cities, culture & lifestyles. My aim is to provide striking art from NYC and America, be it an ordinary fire hydrant, a street fire alarm box or a vehicle of sorts left to rot or resting between journeys.

A favorite part of this process is trying to capture views that most people wouldn’t necessarily find unless they were really looking… but then also might not even see at all. I strive to produce unique scenes and fresh angles, hopefully creating original urban landscape photography from the boroughs of New York City and further afield